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Welcome to the Modern Psychiatry Website.  This site is maintained by Thomas E. Radecki, M.D., J.D., a board-certified psychiatrist and lawyer.  I have been having trouble getting the labels to appear on page links this past week, so hold your mouse over them to make them appear.  I am currently practicing both adult and child psychiatry in Clarion, Pennsylvania.  My private practice office is at 1008 S. 5th Ave. (Cricklewood Building) in Clarion, PA 16214.  For an appointment, call 1-(814)-316-5030.  I am also working at Brookville Behavioral Health and one other location.

This website is meant to share mental and physical health information with you, the internet traveler.  I also have a research office in Clarion.  My current area of research is on the use of law enforcement to decrease tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug abuse while minimizing the amount of suffering and expense from the punishment which enforcement appropriately brings about.

I apologize, but I cannot provide psychiatric or medical care to readers of this website via email or telephone.  However, I will try to answer email questions quickly and do appreciate your thoughts, even when they disagree with mine.  All of us are still learning.

See Newest Studies for the newest studies on psychiatric and some medical treatments. You're bound to find some really interesting reports with links to many more.  The Diet, Herbs, Exercise page has my Recommendations for Healthy Living. Medical Diseases covers many common medical illnesses.

It will probably take me until well into 2006 until I have all of my material on this site and neatly arranged.  Please be patient.  Some of the material was personal notes prior to my setting up my website and contained many abbreviations.

The primary focus of this website is to attempt to gather and disseminate the most accurate and up-to-date scientific information on psychiatric disorders and their treatments.  While it doesn't include every study, it does have a wealth of information.  It also includes a fair number of common medical topics in which I have a personal interest.  I have a particular interest in nutrition, exercise, and preventive medicine.  I do my best to keep up on the value or lack of value of various supplements and herbal treatments, especially in regards to psychiatry.  In order to provide the best care, I also do my best to keep up on basic topics in the broader field of medicine as well.

The website will attempt to cover the research on both standard and alternative medical treatments, i.e., herbs, vitamins, minerals, exercise, diet, bright light, rTMS, etc.  It will also include a concern for the cost and cost-effectiveness of treatment with special attention given to avoiding and treating side-effects.  Sometimes, a new treatment may be slightly better for a slightly larger percentage of patients or no better at all but at a huge increase in cost.  This huge increase in cost should be seriously considered when deciding which treatment to chose.  Too many ignore this issue.  So long as someone else is paying, most people don't give a damn.

I have no affiliation with any pharmaceutical or herbal medicine manufacturer or distributor.  I don't accept "free samples" or "free lunches."  Or free pens, free hand soap, free note pads, free refrigerator magnets, free clocks, free calendars, etc.  My opinions on this website are not meant to represent medical treatment recommendations, as these can only be made after a face-to-face in-depth medical and psychiatric evaluation of the individual.  I am not a child psychiatrist, but I do treat many children and adolescents, as well as people of all ages.  I am not currently practicing law for the general public.

Please Note: Even the best psychiatrists will disagree somewhat on what the current research findings mean.  The goal should be to deliver the best care possible with the resources available, keeping cost in mind so that those resources can be stretched as far as possible.  This website reflects my own personal evaluation of the research findings and attempts to list as many pertinent studies as I have been able to bring together.  It's fairly new, so please be patient with me as I add more information.  If there is a topic you would like me to add or expand on, just send me an email and I will do my best.  The last time I counted, the website had 687 webpages.  That's a  lot.  I hope you find it worthwhile.  


Last Updated:  April 24, 2007

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