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I am sure that this page will offend many gun owners.  I am just starting to build the page, but I have seen dozens of studies over the years documenting that gun ownership dramatically increases the risk of your death or the death of a loved one in your own home. 

Suicide is dramatically higher among gun owners.  Criminal intruders frequently steal guns and often use the home owner's gun against the home owner.  Children and even adults over kill themselves accidentally while playing with, cleaning, or moving their guns.  Families members and acquiantances are often murdered by the homeowner's gun during heated disagreements which would not have led to death had a gun not been available.  Many people get into serious legal problems due to having a gun at home.  And sizable numbers of hunting accidents result in death each year in the U.S.

The pro-gun lobby deludes itself in promoting a few poorly designed studies claiming to show that guns saves lives.  That is simply not true.  It is easy to understand people thinking that they need protection and that guns are a means of protection.  In fact, one study found that having a gun in the house does not increase a person's feelings of secure, but decreases it.  If you must have a gun for hunting purposes, it is best kept very well locked up and out of sight.  It would be ideal if locations were available for secure hunting gun storage outside of people's homes, but this is not the case.

Anti-gun laws are sensible.  In study after study, states and countries without gun laws or with few gun laws have higher rates of murder.  The passage of gun laws and successful efforts to decrease guns in possession of civilians have usually been associated with significant decreases in murder and accidental gun deaths.

Having a Gun at Work for Protection Dramatically Increases the Risk of Death: Workers in 315 North Carolina gas convenience stores, grocery stores, and other locations who take weapons with them to work are three to seven times as likely to be murdered at work than workers in equivalent jobs in which weapons are prohibited, a study has found. Workers who were allowed to carry weapons, such as chemical sprays, bats, knives, or guns, were three times as likely to die from workplace homicides as those who worked in places that prohibited all weapons. Workers in places that allowed guns were seven times more likely to be killed. The places where workers were most likely to be killed were convenience stores, gas stations, grocery shops, bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and taxi services. Workers at highest risk were those who worked in male only workplaces and those with African-American or Asian employees. Working alone at night was especially dangerous. Bright outdoor lighting reduced the risk (American Journal of Public Health 2005;95: 6-8).