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Cancer: Skin Cancer, but Not Other Cancers, Lower:  In a study, skin cancer was 44% lower in schizophrenia, suggesting lower sun exposure.  Rates for other cancers were no different from the general population. Br J Psychiatry. 2005 Oct;187:334-8.

High Blood Pressure Harder to Control for Schizophrenic Patients: In a study of 89 patients with a psychotic disorder and 89 age-matched patients, although the two groups had similar antihypertensive medication adherence, the patients with a psychotic disorder were significantly less likely to have had controlled blood pressure during the 1-year study period. Antihypertensive medication adherence and blood pressure control in patients with psychotic disorders compared to persons without psychiatric illness. Dolder CR, Furtek K, et al. VA San Diego Healthcare System. Psychosomatics. 2005 Mar-Apr;46(2):135-41. Ed:This study supports vitamin D, magnesium, and folic acid supplements which are all very healthy and all reduce the risk of developing hypertension.

Schizophrenia Damages IQ Performance: Linear regression analyses were performed on a healthy control population to determine a predicted composite cognitive score based on maternal education, paternal education, and reading score as indicators of premorbid intellectual function.  When the Wide Range Achievement Test-3 (WRAT-3) score and maternal education are both used to predict current cognitive performance, as expected, about half (42%) of control subjects fall below expectations. However, 98 % of patients fall below expectations. Defining a cognitive function decrement in schizophrenia. Keefe RS, Eesley CE, Poe MP. Duke University. Biol Psychiatry. 2005 Mar 15;57(6):688-91.

10% Murderers Serious Mental Illness at the Time: In a national clinical survey of 1594 people convicted of homicide in England and Wales, 5% had schizophrenia; 10% had symptoms of mental illness at the time of the offence; 9% received a diminished responsibility verdict and 7% a hospital disposal - both were associated with severe mental illness and symptoms of psychosis. Some perpetrators receive prison sentences despite having severe mental illness. Rates of mental disorder in people convicted of homicide: National clinical survey. Shaw J, et al. University of Manchester, UK. . Brit J Psychiatry 2006 Feb;188:143-7. Ed: The U.S. legal system is one of the least humane in the world, both in sentencing and after incarceration with abuse of prisoners commonplace in states like Pennsylvania.  Pennsylvania's county jails appear much more humane than it's state prisons.  This British study allows a more objective look.