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Deviant Peers Mislead ADHD Children:  In a study, researchers found children with ADHD are more likely than children without ADHD to become involved with deviant peers and, as a result, more likely to use substances. Moreover, the relationship between deviant peer affiliation and substance use was stronger for adolescents with ADHD, suggesting that once they are immersed in a deviant peer group, adolescents with ADHD are more vulnerable to the negative social influences of that group. Univ. Pittsburgh. Childhood ADHD and adolescent substance use: an examination of deviant peer group affiliation as a risk factor. Marshal MP, Molina BS, Pelham WE Jr. Psychol Addict Behav. 2003 Dec;17(4):293-302 

Thomas E. Radecki, M.D., J.D.


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