Lewy Body Dementia
Parkinson's Disease
HIV Dementia
Vascular Dementia
Other Dementias

There are numerous causes of conditions that look like dementia but that are caused by other illnesses or medications.  Sometimes careful examination can make the differentiation but at other times there is no difference in the clinical picture.  A careful history can raise red flags.  Dementia is generally of gradual onset.  So if someone becomes demented over a short period of time, other factors must be closely examined.  Standard medical work-ups for dementia find the vast majority.  Below I will list a few of the studies as I come across them.

Ibuprofen Can Cause Dementia Like Condition: A case is reported of a 76 year old man becoming demented one week after taking ibuprofen 600mg t.i.d. for arthritis and then returning to normal after he stopped the ibuprofen.  The same condition recurred six months later when he again tried ibuprofen and again clearly when he stopped the ibuprofen. Pseudodementia associated with use of ibuprofen. Bernstein AL, Werlin A. Ann Pharmacother. 2003 Jan;37(1):80-2